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Comte Pierre II increased the Savoy family's territories by acquiring land in western Switzerland, mainly at the expense of the Comtes de Genve.Comte Amede V, older surviving son of Comte Thomas II, was chosen to succeed his father, in place of the infant son of his deceased older brother.The Savoy family's fortunes were favoured by the marriage in 1066 of Odon's daughter Berthe to Heinrich IV King of Germany.The family lost control of much of the territories of the marquisate after the death in 1091 of Marchesa Adelaida.Comte Amede VIII was created duke of Savoy by Sigmund King of Germany in 1417.

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In addition to "tradition" in the family, he bases his conclusion on an anachronistic heraldic argument and a supposed common connection with St Maurice.

He identifies Braud with "Berthold" who is named in two charters of Rudolf III King of Burgundy dated 10 (see the document BURGUNDY KINGDOM NOBILITY).

Guichenon also launches into highly speculative conjecture about the precise origin of Braud in the families of Widukind and Emperor Otto I (set out in the document SAXONY DUKES) which is not worth summarising.

The territories of the counts of Savoy lay within the southern part of the Welf kingdom of Burgundy and, later, in north-west Italy.

The development of the kingdom of Burgundy, and the rise of the nobility within its territory, is discussed in the Introduction to the BURGUNDY KINGDOM group of documents.

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